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What is Web Application or Web App ?

A Web Application is an Application Software stored on Web Server or Server and users can access it over a network such as Internet or Intranet through a Web Browser as Interface. In other words it is a Browser Supported programs written using Web Technologies . It is also called as Web App or Web based Application .

What is WebSite or Website Definition

A website is a site or location on WorldWideWeb which is a collection of related WebPages over the internet . Each website contains  a HomePage . When we enter any website address, then the first webpage opened is the HomePage of that website. A WebSite can be hosted on one or several servers connecting the internet depending on its size or number of web pages it contains. A WebSite may also contains any additional files or documents .

What is a Web Page ??

web page  is a web document or document on world wide web. webpages are  commonly written in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) that is accessible through the Internet or other network using a web browser.  Every web page over a internet has its unique URL through which it can be accessed. A Web Page may contain text, graphics, and hyperlinks to other web pages or files.

How to display Google+ Profile picture in Google search results

Now a days all the bloggers are interested to see their profile picture in google search results. As it increases the traffic to their blogs, and make the readers or visitors to find the blog easily.

It is very simple process to make your picture apper on google search results. Follow the steps below:

-> First create your Google+ Profile at . And set your profile picture there in Google+ Profile.

-> For getting image in search results you should have Google Authorship . And for this you have to create a link to your blog from your Google+ Profile.

this involves the following steps:

( I )In  your Google+ account click on edit profile





( ii) Goto  contributor to section and add custom link, linking to your blog.

(click on image for clear view)




( iii ) you can put any number of links in contributor to section. If you have more than one blogs, you can link to all your blogs from a single profile.







-> Now go to your blog and  create a link  to your Google+ profile ..

For this, copy your Google+ profile url .. It looks like

you can create a link anywhere in your blog using the code below.

<a href="here paste your google+ profile link?rel=author">find me on Google+</a>

Or else if you are using blogger go for Dashboard->Layout-> Add gadget->Html/JavaScript -> paste the code given above by including your google+ profile url in above code.

If u are using WordPress, then goto Dashboard->appearances->widgets->Text Widget. And in that text Widget ,  paste the above code.

->for checking whether your code is working or not, goto , and type your blog url and click on preview . see the image below ;

(click on image for clear view)











After doing this work , when i checked in RichSnippets Tool, it is showing verified as shown in image above. but it took me nearly a week for appearing my image on google search results. But i am not sure about that why it took so many days ..Now my image is appearing in search results as in the image below.


Difference between Internet and World Wide Web

Difference between World Wide Web and Internet

The Internet is a interconnected computer networks. It is spread across globe and it connects the millions of computers globally.

Internet is a structure on which www or web is based on .

World wide web or Web is an information sharing model at the top of internet provides a way of accessing/sharing information through  the medium Internet . Web is a part of internet .

Information Travels over the internet via various Protocals like TCP/IP,FTP,SMTP,HTTP.

-Web uses HTTP protocal to transmit data.

Internet does not uses Web Browsers

-Web Uses Web Browsers . Mostly used web browsers are Internet Explorer , Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome etc,.

What is World Wide Web (www) ?


www stands for World Wide Web also called as Web in short.

-> Web is an application at the top of internet provides a way of accessing/sharing information through  the medium Internet .

-> It Supports formatted documents and the documents are formatted in a markup language called HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

-> We can simply visit web with a Web Browser software which connects using HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocal ) Protocal .

->We can visit websites via url (uniform resource locator) of a website or  via HyperLinks . Hyperlinks takes us from one web page to another web page or website .

What is INTERNET ?


The Internet is a interconnected computer networks. It is spread across globe and it conncts the millions of networks globally.

-> It is a Network of networks, and consists of many private, public, organizational, business, and Government networks.

-> Internet is a means of  connecting a computer to another computer anywhere in the world, to share resources and to transfer in transfer information. the Information may be of any type such as Text,Voice, Video, etc,..

-> The Internet not only connects personal computers but also main frames, GPS systems, Mobiles and many different machines.

-> The Transfer of information between two different computers is possible because of a set of standards, Known as Protocals (TCP/IP), that governs the transmission of data among networks.




A  SandBox is a security Mechanism.It is a separate or restricted environment created to run untrusted programs or untested code by the third parties.

-> It provides a fully controlled environment which restricts the resources for the programs run in it.

-> It is mostly used for testing code.

Byte Code In Java

Byte Code :

The Java Class file contains byte code which is being interpreted by JVM.  Byte Code is introduced in Java to provide java as a platform independent language .

What is Computer Programming Language ?

Programming Language  :

Definition of a Computer Programming Language..

It acts as interface (mediator) between the programmer and the system. It offers programmer, some Rules and Regulations for writing the programs. It also offers some Library, which is required for writing the programs. Obviously, the collection of programs is called a “SOFTWARE“.

Some of the famous computer programming langusges are c,c++,Java,,Basic,Fortran,Cobol,Ada,etc..

for more abount different programming languages click here